Same-Sex Marriage 

Same-Sex Marriage is a Youth Issue

Gay and lesbian youth are no different their straight peers — they want to meet someone special, fall in love, and get married.  Young Americans want real weddings, not euphemistic commitment ceremonies.  To us, same-sex marriage is not an abstract principle of equality or an excuse to protest Republicans.  It is a deeply felt and sincere desire to participate in this sacred institution.

Generation X rejects the culture war still being fought by the Baby Boomers.  We are much more conservative than the Woodstock hippies by embracing traditional Western institutions.  But we are also much more inclusive than the Silent Majority by valuing diversity as our nation's great strength.

Legalize recognized how deeply marriage equality resonated with young Americans long before the liberals and the media discovered the issue.  Polls showing 70% support from adults in their twenties only confirmed what we already knew from hitting the streets, parks, and beaches of New York.

Same-Sex Marriage is a Conservative Issue

To truly support gay marriage, it is not enough to be pro-gay.  One has to be pro-marriage as well.

Filing joint tax returns and receiving spousal insurance coverage, while important to everyday lives, do not justify extending marriage to same-sex couples.  Focusing on inequality of benefits leads only to domestic partnerships and civil unions.  These arguments often come across as the Left demanding yet another government entitlement program.

Marriage is society's most fundamental institution.  It promotes healthier and happier lives and fulfills a critical role in supporting our communities.  Marriage is the God-given Right of all Americans, gays and lesbians included.

There are hundreds of thousands of gay and lesbian couples eager to embrace the institution of marriage.  They want to celebrate their commitment with their friends and family, and often wish to sanctify their wedding vows in the eyes of God.  They want to live the American dream.  Why should conservatives stand in their way?  We should be walking them down the aisle.

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