Right to Marry Bill 

Duane-Gottfried Bill

Legalize is pleased to support the New York "Right to Marry" Bill.  Introduced by State Senator Thomas Duane and Assembly Member Richard Gottfried, this legislation would secure the right of same-sex couples to share equally in the legal and social protections, responsibilities, and benefits of marriage.

This legislation is in the process of being reintroduced in the new session of the state legislature.  Please check back over the next few weeks to read the exact language of the bill.

Send Your Petition

Click here to write a personal e-mail to your New York State representatives asking them to co-sponsor the Duane-Gottfried "Right to Marry" Bill.

Legislation, Not Litigation

Legalize is unique among all other pro-marriage organizations in our focus on pursuing same-sex marriage rights through the democratic process, rather than relying on the courts.

Our educational system teaches Americans to be consumers, not citizens.  Just as we hire accountants to prepare our taxes, we leave the battle to defend our God-given Rights to lawyers and judges.  Americans have largely abdicated their civic responsibility to petition the government for redress of grievances.

Polls show that 40% of Americans support same-sex marriage, but we are lucky if 4% of the politicians do.  Here in New York, only three of the 62 state senators and fourteen of the 150 assembly members are co-sponsors of the Duane-Gottfried "Right to Marry" Bill.

Legalize recognizes that while ultimate victory will take time, there are many legislative battles we should be winning now.  Of the twenty members of the Assembly Judiciary Committee, fourteen are New York City Democrats.  There is no reason that the "Right to Marry" Bill should not be voted out of committee this year.

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