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Welcome to the Legalize Chat Help. If you experience a problem or have a question not answered here, please send me an e-mail at scottyj@legalize.com.

Q: How come I can't post HTML?

A: You must login as a Legalize Member to be able to post HTML tags. Membership is FREE, so click here for more info and to join.

Q: How do I change my font size and color?

A: Use the FONT tag. The tag follows the format <font size=5 color=LIGHTBLUE>, where size can be 0 through 9 and color can be YELLOW, LIGHTGREEN, LIGHTBLUE, ORANGE, PINK, etc. You may stop using the selected font with the </font> tag.

Q: How do I post links?

A: Use the A HREF (reference) tag. The tag follows the format <a href="http://www.legalize.com/chat/help.htm">. All text that comes after this tag will be linked, until closed with the </a> tag.

Q: How do I post pictures?

A: Use the IMG SRC (image source) tag. The tag follows the format <img src="http://www.legalize.com/media/scottyj.gif">. The picture must already reside somewhere on the Internet. There is no need for a closing tag.

Q: How do I post the < and > characters?

A: Use the &lt; (less than), and the &gt; (greater than) special character codes. To display a & use &amp; (ampersand).

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