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The Legalize® trademark represents a sound wave, your own voice saying "legalize". Marijuana legalization is a moderate, mainstream issue silenced by the Government, corporations, and the media. The public isn't interested in lengthy political arguments and pays zero attention to City Hall demonstrations. But hearing friends, family, and co-workers -- their fellow Americans -- speak out has an enormous impact on their opinion.

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The Legalize® trademark can also represent Legalize on the Internet. Legalize is a commercial Web site profitable through a community business model targeted to a highly motivated niche market. The Internet revolution is not found in the non-interactive Web sites of traditional advocacy groups, but in the birth of an entirely new economic entity. Legalize grows by providing its members with valuable goods and services -- both free and pay -- that promote ourselves and our cause.

Traditional advocacy groups have had over 35 years to try their strategies and yet today the Drug War rages harder than ever. Non-profit organizations want to whine; Legalize wants to win. It is time to try something new.

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