~ Speak Out Campaign ~

~ Speak Out in Your Own Community ~
~ Post Flyers and Stickers, Hand Out Legalize Cards ~

The Legalize® Speak Out Campaign empowers ordinary Americans to make a tangible difference in our own communities.

Post Legalize Flyers and Stickers across our schools, campuses, and neighborhoods to create an atmosphere for change. Americans are bombarded every day with a government and corporate bankrolled anti-marijuana message, intimidating many into silence. But imagine the reverse -- being surrounded by physical affirmations that our views are shared by millions of our fellow citizens. By promoting Legalize we break the Drug Warriors' marketing monopoly, the glue that holds public opinion in place.

Hand out Legalize Cards to sow the seeds of legalization. Our cards give pause to our fellow citizens to reconsider long-held beliefs, and perhaps generate a visit to Legalize for even more exposure to our ideas. And for believers, carrying our card in their wallet serves as an ongoing reminder of our purpose and collective strength.

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~ Legalize Flyers ~
~ Free, Free, Free ~

~ Simply Download and Print ~

Legalize Flyers

Plaster Legalize Flyers throughout your neighborhood or campus. Simply print out a couple dozen copies to distribute at no cost to you. Or get fancy and spend two or three dollars to photocopy onto color paper to maximize the visual impact.

Our flyers are eye-catching and present a brief outline of our goals and our strategies to achieve them. Flyers are currently available in:

Adobe Acrobat Format (7K)
Microsoft Word 95 Format (28K)

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~ Legalize Cards ~
~ 100 Two-Sided, Two-Color Cards for Only $2 ~

~ Plus $2 Shipping & Handling ~

Legalize Cards (Front) Legalize Cards (Back)

Legalize Cards provide a compelling reason to have a quick conversation with a complete stranger. Standing on a street corner promoting a Web site, unlike ranting and raving about politics, is a legitimate and effective vehicle to express our opinions to our fellow citizens. Direct, in-person discussions put a human face and voice behind our political message while strengthening our own confidence and persuasiveness. Moreover, our example inspires all who witness it to take action themselves. For strongest positive feedback, hand them out at parties, concerts, clubs, in the park, and at the beach -- wherever young Americans hang out.

Legalize Cards are sold at cost to ensure the most widespread distribution. Receive 100 for $4 (2¢ each, plus $2.00 S&H), 250 for $8 (2¢ each, plus $3.00 S&H), or 1000 for $25 (2¢ each, plus $5.00 S&H).

Click Here to Order

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~ Legalize Stickers ~
~ Three 3" x 9" Bumper Stickers for Only $1 ~

~ Plus $2 S&H (covers up to 30 stickers) ~

Legalize Stickers
Legalize Stickers

Legalize Stickers create a permanent presence in our communities. One well-placed sticker can act as a daily reminder for thousands that marijuana legalization is a moderate, mainstream issue supported by patriotic Americans from all walks of life. A dozen scattered across your neighborhood marks the entire area as pro-Legalize territory.

Or buy a couple for yourself; they are simply cool stickers. They come in three colors -- white, yellow and green &ndash that all look sharp on your guitar case, skateboard, or refrigerator.

Legalize Stickers are sold at cost to ensure the most widespread distribution. Receive 3 for $3 (33¢ each, plus $2.00 S&H), 15 for $7 (33¢ each, plus $2.00 S&H), or 30 for $12 (33¢ each, plus $2.00 S&H).

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