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17 year old Male from GLENCOE ONTARIO CANADA

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"Using marijuana is... like what happens when a personwith fuzzy vision puts on glasses. Listening to a familiar piece of music, such as a Bach orchestral suite, the mind is newly conscious of the bass line; listening to a conversation,the mind is more aware of the nuances of each voice... "
Charles Reich, The Greening of America
"Marijuana, in its natural form, is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man. By any measure of rational analysis marijuana can be safely used within a supervised routine of medical care."
DEA Judge Francis Young'THC pills' were used as a medicin. the debate now is if the pills are better, or equal to, the plant, which has far more in it than just the drug.Many people want marijuana legalized for medicinal use, far more than legalization for all uses. But because our government, all governments, are too afraid to touch on the issue because it is an illegal drug, they don't see that
we want it legalized! I don't have an illness that can be treated by marijuana, but many poeple do. Lynn Harichy, of London Ontario, Attempted to smoke a joint on the steps of police HQ in order to bring her case to court. Not only has she been waiting for well over a year to get in the courtroom, she is being blown off by Canadas minister of health, Allan Rock. Why would a government let one their people suffer because they don't have enough evidence of long term effects, then not study it's effects?!? At Hemp Nation is an article about a 30 year old male and documented research on l marijuana user and its effects on him. I find it hard to believe that the governments don't use this as a reason to fund research this more. Every time a study funded by the government, any government, even the U.N., finds marijuana to be safe and effective, they stop funding and shut down the program. Not before crucial evidence of the benifits of marijuana as a medicine are revealed.MYTH #1: tobacco is safer than Marijuana. Not true. A

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CANADIANS check out my other website to e-mail our Prime Minister! Demand a National referendom to let the public decide on the legalization issue.(over half the population of Canada wants pot legalized, especially those aged 30-55)In Canada alcohol resulted in 18,000 deaths... excluding 2000 car accidents.Tobacco resulted in 36,000 deaths... including lung cancer and heart mortality.Legal drugs and medication resulted in 973 deaths...aspirin,anti-cold,anti-depressantsetc...Marijuana resulted in no deaths what-so-ever. In America FDA-approved prescription drugs resulted in 27,000 deaths...Asprin killed 1,000... Marijuana killed nobodyWHY IS IT THAT THE SAFEST DRUG ON THIS LIST IS THE ONLY ONE THAT IS ILLEGAL?1988 the DEA's own administrative judge, Frances Young, is quoted as saying "Marijuanais one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man"Three Jamaican studies on marijuana,the largest study to date found that heavy, long-term usersscored slightly higher on IQ tests and had slightly lower rates of illness and cancer, and lived longer than non-users. Also, the user group was more relaxed and sociable than feel free to e-mail me with any questions you may have.And visit my site for loads of info and reasons why marijuana should be legalized for medicinal and recreational useYou have probably heard about Hemp Nation, a store in London, Ontario which sold marijuana seedlings. Cris Clay, the owner of the store (now on probation in Vancouver) is going to launch a constitutional battle in the Supreme Court of Canada. His website Hemp Nation has information on medicinal, and recreational use, it's effects, great links, and most improtantly, where to send your donations. He still needs over $7,000, so do what you can.Lynn Harichy of London, Ontario, is launching her own constitutional battle for the legalization on pot. Lynn has MS, all of the medications prescribed to her only made the pain worse becayse of allergic reactions. She smokes about one joint per hour, this lets her live her life like healthy people do. In the summer of 1997 Lynn sat on the steps of police HQ in downtown London, surrounded by news cameras and supporters, and attempted to light a joint. The cops charged her, set a court date, and sent her on her way. Her court apperance has been pushed back for months, like the courts are trying to avoid her, especially since Terry Parker won the right to grow and smoke marijuana, the police even had to give back the 73 plants seized from his apartment. The judge ruled that the marijuana law violated his constitutional right to life, liberty and security. Marijuana was preventing Terry from having deadly epileptic seizures. At Hemp Nation you can find the mail address to send donations to Lynn Harichy.Lynn is also running a non-profit organization to supply marijuana to people who have a docters note stating that marijuana could ease their pain or other beneficial efects. Originaly the 'Pot Club' was going to have an outlet for people to pick-up their free pot in the Organic Traveler, a store selling Hemp and other organic merchandise, like clothes, soap...
Lynn and others voliteering their time to the cause decided not to because people might be afraid to pick it up, because of the stupid law saying it's illegal. Instead a free delivery service was setup. The only real crime is that people must be degraded by buying pot from the black market, a very dangerous thing to do. Too often pot on the street is laced with crack. Throwing people in jail is no answer either. There is no attempt at rehabilitation. People being lock up because of marijuana-related charges will only end up turning to crime because of the experience. Paul McCartney, former Beatle, arrested in Japan in 1980, said of the experience:Their was no attempt at rehabilitation, they just stuck me in a hole for 9 days. When a drug much safer than FDA-approved over-the-counter medications, helps to

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